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10:04pm 07-17-2020
HEY LAZY BUTT. u never update this n i had fun looking at it <- its u
3:17pm 03-26-2020
hii. we talk about this stuff, so i think its silly to make a comment abt it but i lvoe you. im so proud of you for allowing yourself to be open about what you're feeling and just being you. i admire you, love. ALSO, YOU LOOK LIKE STINK !
4:35pm 03-11-2020
The one and only

Tbh I've liked u for a while but its been on and off and its never gone anywhere. But it hurts me to see you hurt, but I'm glad you got you a girl and I hope it goes great for you. Keep up your spirits and I promise eventually shit just clicks. No explanation, everything just clicks and you will see more value in things.
6:29pm 02-29-2020
Wow Color